About this Blog

This is my first blog and I am trying to dedicate it to the little things that bug me most in life.

But don’t be fooled: my intentions are truly “noble”: not to complain for complaining sake but to make things a little better by writing down what could be improved. This is were my profession comes into play.

I always had a strong interest in technology and its history. This is also what I mostly dwelled on during my time in University (departments: media, television, film, theater,  and educational science). My focus (and for other topics my approach to topics) was perception, interaction, and technology. Naturally I pursued the same passion after my studies.  I am currently working as an Analyst in a Web Intelligence Agency. Trying to improve user journeys.

For years I have been a passionate follower of fujirumors.com.  There has been a growing feeling that some of the topics and thoughts (which I felt were worth contributing) needed some more space than a simple comment in one of the posts. Therefore I created this blog. As my interests are not limited to the Fuji X system, topics will broaden over time.

Happy to hear your thoughts and hoping that the comment functionality is already working!

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