Fujifilm X-T1: Suggestions for Hardware Improvements (“X-T2”)

Image: FUJIFILM Europe GmbH
Image: FUJIFILM Europe GmbH

Handling of the X-T1 is vastly improved over previous models. However, there is still some room left for improvement. Below, I started collecting suggestions for an upcoming “X-T2”.

Front command dial

  • Click function: make wheel clickable (e.g. for Focus-Frame Selection)

Rear command dial

  • Click function: make wheel clickable like in bodies of previous generations (cf. Leica S2 which is also weather sealed and has a clickable rear command dial)
  • Better Ergonomics: recessed position combined with rather hard faux leather upper edge of thumb rest area makes it difficult to access and to turn the wheel; make it accessible more easily (making the command dial protruding more from the body and smooth the edge of the faux leather next to the command dial). Several users suspected that there would be a catch with including a tilt screen. As the hard edge seems to be part of the screen’s housing this obviously is one of them.


  • Delete and play buttons should be larger or at least stick out a bit further from the body.
  • 4-directional pad: buttons are to flimsy; should be more like the ones in bodies of previous generations.
  • DRIVE Dial: add Movie/Record function; would free Movie Record button as a primary Fn button


  • IBIS (In body image stabilization)

My next post will cover suggestions for accessories. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please share your thoughts in the comments section. Will try to add your contributions to the list periodically.

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